The United States of America guarantees the rights of its citizens through the laws that it enacts. Laws that affect persons with disabilities are of special interest to Options and the individuals who use our programs and services.

Our elected officials want to hear from those that they are serving so they have a feeling for how their constituency feels about the issues. We strongly encourage you to attend town hall meetings or coffee meetings that our legislators hold. These meetings offer wonderful opportunities for you to meet your legislator personally and let him or her know about your concerns and your opinions.

We also encourage you to contact your legislators by letter, whether it is sent as an E-mail or through the postal service, for issues that affect persons with disabilities.

Equality for persons with disabilities has certainly come a long way and we should be proud of that. However, there is still much to be done and we must continue the journey to equality together!

Illinois Senate

District 38
Sen. Sue Rezin
, 103 Fifth St., Peru IL 61354; Phone: 815-220-8720, Fax: 815-220-8721; Email: senatorrezin@gmail.com; Website: www.senatorrezin.com

District 40
Sen.Toi Hutchinson
, 222 Vollmer Rd., Suite 2C, Chicago Heights IL 60411; Phone: 708-756-0882; Fax: 708-756-0885; Email: thutchinson@senatedem.ilga.gov; Website: www.senatorhutchinson.com

District 53
Sen. Jason A. Barickman
, 2401 E Washington St., Ste 201, Bloomington, IL 61704; Phone: 309-661-2788; Fax: 309-210-5544; Email: jason@jasonbarickman.org; Website: www.jasonbarickman.org 

Illinois House

District 75
Rep. John Anthony
, 1421 N. Division St., Morris, IL 60450; Phone: 815-416-1475
Website: www.repanthony.com

District 79
Rep. Katherine Cloonen
, 1 Dearborn Square, Ste. 419, Kankakee IL 60901; Phone: 815-939-1983; Fax: 815-939-0081, Email: staterepcloonen79@att.net; Website: www.housedem.state.il.us

District 106
Rep. Thomas Bennett
, 342 W Walnut St, Watseka IL 60970; Phone: 815-432-0106;
Website: www.repbennett.com

U.S. Senate

Sen. Richard J. Durbin, 711 Hart Building, Washington DC 20510; Phone: 202-224-2152, Fax: 202-228-0400, Email: dick@durbin.senate.gov; website: www.durbin.senate.gov

Sen. Mark Kirk, 524 Hart Building, Washington DC 20510; Phone: 202-224-2854; Fax: 202-228-4611; Website: www.kirk.senate.gov

U.S. Representatives

District 2
Rep. Robin L. Kelly
, 304 S. Indiana Ave. (lower level), Kankakee, IL 60901; Phone: 708-679-0078, fax: 202-225-4583; website: www.robinkelly.house.gov

District 16
Rep. Adam Kinzinger
, 342 W. Walnut, Watseka, IL 60970; Phone: 815-432-058; Fax: 202-225-3521; website: www.kinzinger.house.gov