Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resources Links

Visual Language Interpreting
VLI’s goal is to provide the best sign language interpreting and CART services available.

State of Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission

Getting Out the Vote
How important is it for persons with disabilities to ‘get out the vote’? Angela Botz has a video on YouTube that was developed for the Deaf/HOH but has motivational/valuable information to share with all persons with disabilities to help understand the importance, privilege & right to vote to make a difference. The link to the video is:

Medicare in ASL
This video in American Sign Language (ASL) provides an overview of Medicare, including Medicare Parts A, B, C & D. It also discusses Medicare-covered preventive services and the difference between the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Patient Healthy Living Video

The Active Patient, Healthy Living video (video version of the Patient Activation Curriculum[PAC]), is now on the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing website:  The target audience for the video is individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The purpose of the video is to teach individuals how to be an active patient- doing everything to make sure they are healthy. The video has 15 sections.

To view the video (or portions of it), go to: Look on the left side of the main page. Click on Information and Resources. Then click on Informational videos in ASL.Look for Active Patient, Healthy Living and you will see 15 sections. Click on the first section, or any of the sections.  (You will also see the other videos that are available, including our Standard Practices for Hospitals video (which is the last video).